Celebrating the Festival of Colors in New York City – 10 years ago, an event management company called IN Group brought one of India’s most early traditions to New York City, sharing a piece of its culture through bright and beautiful colors. Each year, the festival of Holi welcomes the coming of spring, commemorates the Hindu pantheon, and celebrates both love and peace. – DISSDASH



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This festival is our tribute to the much awaited resumption of the export of Indian mangoes to the US “ –

“ In a unique way to raise funds for underprivileged children in India and Pakistan,an NRI portal dedicated to food sector, has decided to contribute one rupee each to an NGO each in both countries for every message it receives on Independence Day celebrations” – Indiatimes

“A first-time-in-NYC event: Indians and Pakistanis jointly celebrating their Independence Day anniversaries.” –Saja

“What better way to celebrate and promote the message of peace, harmony and brotherhood between the people of India and Pakistan than with a celebration of food.” –